How Far Is Bushwick From Manhattan: Distance and Travel Options

If you’re wondering how far is Bushwick from Manhattan, the exact distance is approximately 6 miles. The distance may vary depending on the starting point in Bushwick and the final destination in Manhattan.

Bushwick is a neighborhood in the northern part of Brooklyn, and it borders Williamsburg, Ridgewood, and East New York. Meanwhile, Manhattan is the bustling commercial and cultural center of New York City.

There are several methods to get from Bushwick to Manhattan, including:

  • Subway: The subway is the most convenient and popular mode of transportation between Bushwick and Manhattan. The L train runs from various locations in Bushwick and connects with multiple subway lines in Manhattan.
  • Bus: Several bus routes run from Bushwick to Manhattan, including the B60, B38, and Q24.
  • Car/Taxi: If you prefer to drive, the distance between Bushwick and Manhattan can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on traffic. You can also opt for a taxi.
  • Bike: Biking is another option, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities. There are designated bike lanes and paths that connect Bushwick and Manhattan.

Regardless of the mode of transport you choose, it’s essential to plan your route and schedule accordingly, especially during peak hours. Traffic can be hectic at times, causing delays and longer travel times.

In summary, getting from Bushwick to Manhattan is relatively easy due to the various transportation options available, such as subway, bus, car/taxi, and bike. The exact distance between Bushwick and Manhattan is approximately 6 miles, but may vary depending on your starting and ending points.

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